"Investors have found many avenues to watch their money grow, but these can sometimes be intimidating to the average person. One of these avenues is the futures market. Futures are based on the speculative value of a certain product, and they can fluctuate dramatically. Seasoned investors have learned how to use these fluctuations to turn a profit, but everyday investors may not know where to start.

The Small Exchange launched this week to bring futures trading to the masses, and on Wednesday it announced that it raised $4 million in funding from Interactive Brokers and Phillip Capital Group" reports Built In Chicago.

We have worked tirelessly for 18 months to realize this new exchange,” The Small Exchange CEO Don Roberts said in a statement. “It would not have been possible without the collaboration of partners like these firms, market participants and regulators. Investors have embraced us fully and we look forward to moving the industry forward. Our product offering is tailored to the wide customer range of both firms,” Roberts continued. “Having them as part of our already solid base of participants provides momentum as we build our liquidity and get ready for the next steps in our growth to offer expanded hours and option trading on our products.”

The Small Exchange is making futures markets more accessible to more people with small, standard, and simple products that combine the best of futures and stocks.

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